Illustration - What's He See

This is another illustration that comes from my nightly samurai sketch sessions. What am I illustrating in this illustration? Probably my disregard for basic anatomical forms, but more than likely the lengths I will go to to dissolve all traces of my past in medical illustration.

This little tribe is about to be caught unawares by whatever it is that Gwaah here is pointing at. Just think of the horrors that could lurk in this unknown and alien wilderness. Monsters of unimaginable terror and power. Now that your thinking in the right direction I just want to have a small child with a lollipop far off in the distance, or a fuzzy bunny. Maybe in the future I will revisit this scene with said child, as that is funny… Well I think it is.

Speaking of bunnies, the time I spent doing medical illustration taught me one very important lesson, bunny skulls are monstrous. Just one big set of jaws made for slicing things with those immense incisors. Truly terrifying.

But I digress. This illustration was created first in alias sketchbook then scanned and painted in Adobe Photoshop with my Wacom Intous4. I tried to give it a little depth of field to put more emphasis on Gwaah. It is an illustration directly from a sketch and was not formally composed. I spent some time fighting this illustration due to that fact. I learned a very valuable lesson regarding my process. Sketch -> thumbnail -> refined drawing -> painting. otherwise the finished illustration really isn't finished.

Digital Paint from sketch - What does he see?