Concept Art - Werewolf, Tick, Bat and Cuddlefish

If you read my posts often you know I love to do Concept Art, specifically creature design. This page from my sketchbook is a Werewolf, tick, bat and cuddlefish… well not really. This is another page from my nightly sketch sessions, and is the last of creatures that I will do for a while. I need to spend more time doing the same type of practice with hard objects rather than the squishy ones.

Professional Concept Art

I'm not there yet, but some day I would love to create concept art and get paid for it. Ever since I was a child watching the original Star Wars trilogy, I knew what I wanted to do. I have watched every making of, or behind the scenes video made for every sci fi movie I can find. In fact I often like them more than the movies themselves. There is something very compelling about creating Concept Art for a world completely pulled from imagination.

It would more than likely have to be contract or freelance work as I cannot move from my Portland Oregon location, and there are very few VFX or game companies in this town. There is of course LAIKA and a few others…

Concept Art creature sketch page

Concept Art on the Web

Concept Art Forums - The biggest community of Concept Artists online. I attended a big event they held up in Seattle and it was the most valuable instruction I ever attained in regards to creating art.

Concept Artist List - I want on this list, it will mean I have attained the quality of concept art that puts me in the elite. I know I am a ways away from that at this time, but it is my goal.

Massive Black - This studio is full of amazing concept artists, and they put on great events.

Steambot Studios - Another fantastic studio of Concept Artists.

Brom - Brom is more of a cover artist or illustrator, but it is Brom and he has to be on this list.

Derek Thompson - Love Derek's work.

Concept Art Sketches from me ;-)

These are just a few of the lists and resources crowded with people who create concept art, and with whom I would like to work ;-)