Concept Art - Sketching Bonanza

Pages and pages of concept art sketches to which no single category defines. These are all from my samurai sketch sessions and as such they follow no rules or protocol, other than don't follow any rules… wait…

As a rule I am showing every page no matter how poor the quality or ill rendered the subject. Full disclosure in image form. Why not, showing the process with anyone who cares to look, helps me improve the quality and the process itself.

Concept Art - Organic Spaceships

The first page is one of the rare times where I started a sketch session with a topic in mind. The topic? Organic spaceship. I was watching Farscape and it got me to thinking; What would a living spaceship look like? Is that not how concept art starts? Not all of the spaceships on this page are living, one is kinda like an old wood speed boat. I said the only rule was follow no rules.

Concept Art - pet balloon - sketch page

Concept Art - living ships sketch page

Pet Balloon

This second page is mostly…not good. However I like the "pet balloon" enough that I will be doing a painting from this idea in the near future. This creature I want to create in ZBrush to have as a 3d model, I just love it. Rarely is anything from the sketches going to go any further, but this one just might.

More Concept Art Sketches

With so much sketching, trends start to emerge. But most of these pages show very little influence from the trends I was tending towards during the time of their creation.Concept Art - rock whale sketch pageConcept Art space men sketch page There are things here and there on some of these sketches but all in all these pages are just a mess and nothing that I would consider art.

Concept Art Resources: My CA Sketchbook My Concept Art Sketches here

As always the struggle goes on in my ever lasting quest to create good concept art.