Shugly Paint Up

Another digital paint up from a sketchbook page I created some time ago. She is a sorceress, necromancer, vampire queen thing. I wanted her to be oddly sensual and consequently disturbing.

Obviously her eyes are lidless and clouded over. Her spine is spiky and over accentuated. The headdress, crown, helmet thing is obviously very Geiger-eque.

But then the throne room is more fairy inspired, however lacking the gaiety one would expect of the Fae. Which helps make it appear more off kilter.

One of the last things I did on this was adding in the green glow. Prior to that her skin was too healthy looking, and I didn't have a light source to give me anything else. I had already added the green in the tubes on her helmet, so I needed to add green elsewhere in the scene to help balance it out. The green glow solved both.

Composition-ly I think the image is stunted and I am not happy with it from that standpoint, but maybe that helps it… I was adding a supplicant to the left of the scene but then it just got too crowded, so I took it back out.

On to the next painting!

Shugly digital speed painting