Several Pages of Alien Sketches

The pages represented within this post are from the very first few nights of my Samurai Sketch Sessions and as you would expect they are really rough.

As you can see by the similarity of fang and face, of this first page, it was not a fast start. But the intent of these sessions was not to create anything useful at all. At least nothing final. It is the result of using a tool I am using to break my reliance on reference material.

With this second page there are at least a couple of creatures that make me laugh. I am rather fond of the spider like creature doing the can-can and the spotted manatee like creature with 4 eyes. Also the Mohawk having screaming alien on the top right is kind of fun.

Most of the pages of sketches are really nothing to pay any real attention to, but the experience gained was worth far more. But as the pages started to pile up I started to find characters that jumped out at me, and personalities appeared.

Alien speed sketches

Another page of alien speed sketches

Yet another page of alien speed sketches

Wow another page of alien speed sketches