Concept Art - Several Creature Sketches

This page comes from my nightly concept art sketch session on April 1st 2010. Some days the only way I can get to sleep is to sit down and sketch first. Consequently it has become standard practice to spend the last waking hours with a pencil, a 30% gray marker and a white colored pencil filling a recycled paper notebook with creatures pulled directly from my imagination. More than a sleeping aid it is all part of breaking my need for reference material which I had become too dependent on.

This page is nothing special, just one of many from these nightly sessions and not a particularly good page at that. So what? It is not about creating great concept art in these sessions, it is about letting the mind freely flow and run wild. These sketching sessions are for me to break free and loosen up. if it was not for this blog, nobody would ever see them, as they are not meant for mass consumption and by no means represent an end product.

Concept Art Creature Sketches