Concept Art - Secret Agent

A Character Design for a Concept Art .org contest… yes I did finish one. This is a very quick speed painting of an android special agent character I created for one of the Character of the Week contests. This image was created entirely in Adobe Photoshop.

I envisioned him as having the ability to change faces as a normal human might change hats. His left hand has a wide variety of attachments, from futuristic centrifugal guns to steak knives, a flame thrower and yes even a hand… Beyond that is top secret, so no further questions!

Concept Art from Speed Painting

In truth I am a painter first, drawing was always of less interest to me than painting. For whatever reason, the process of painting is more intuitive to me. So rather than sit down and sketching a character I sat down and started laying down digital paint. For me it is a much faster and easier format, and I believe the results are better as well. In a sense this is just a sketch and took me less time than most sketches do.

In the long run the steps I took to create this concept art sketch, is more than likely the direction I will go. So what are the steps?

I created a sillouhette in photoshop, just trying to get the basic shape of the character in a pose. It was not important that I really understood the pose, it is just a shape to begin from. I do this initial step in a 50% gray tone on a white background. Next I go in with white and add highlights to the shape to start creating some detail. I then add shaodows and further detail with black. Finally I go and add a little bit of shading where necessary and little highlights here and there. All throughout I am am refining the overall shape. To get his arm that is tipping the hat, to be the right proportion I of course had to make some edits.

Finished Concept Art

At this point, my Secret Agent character is the most complete concept art I have created. And I would say it is far from complete. Right now I am still defining a process and getting a feel for my own style. The main issue I suffer from is time, just like everyone else. So I focus on individual issues and work through them. If it is a weakness I try to make it a strength. By doing this I am constantly improving, and eventually my strengths become weaknesses and the level of quality jumps again.

Concept Art Character Design - Secret Agent Cyborg

Concept Art Resources:

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Some day I will be paid to create concept art for movies or games, that is my actual goal in this long struggle. More than that I love creating concept art, it is daydreaming with art.