Ravens Drawing

I love to watch the antics of the murder of crows that descend on our cherry trees every summer. The are a raucous crowd that seems intent on devouring every succulent morsel no matter how rotten or fermented. In fact it seems they enjoy the fermented fruit even more and their rowdy behavior increases in volume and devilry the more past their prime the cherries become. Of course they are probably drunk, so there you go.

This image comes from several sketches I did while the crows were doing their annual stop over. I was sitting out on our back deck happily drawing away, when this chap on the left landed on our deck railing and seemed to sit sentry on me. Maybe he was posing for me, I'm not sure exactly but he sat still for several minutes. Thanks to his patience I learned quite a bit about the way the feathers lay across the chest and head.

The second crow here is made up from observations of many other crows. Both of these where then rendered in ink and white acrylic separately. I then scanned them both in and merged them together into this image using Photoshop.

Ravens - Pen and Ink Drawing