Concept Art - Oddities of the Creature Persuasion

This is a page of creature concept art sketches from my nightly sketch sessions. This page like many that came before it, contains a few creatures with no basis on reality. I have used these free drawing occasions to experimentation with ideas and to break my long held reliance on observable data. The hope from all of these long hours spent sketching nonsense is to develop my own unique concept art style.

The creatures contained on this page are nothing special but in my efforts to post everything I create, they must be seen.I was explaining to a friend of mine last night why I post absolutely everything, even the worst crap. I feel it is important for two parts. I can look back and see my own progress over time and be reminded on bad days that they occur. And to encourage other people to create and share their experiences.

So there you have it, my motives for displaying even the worst pages from my sketchbook. This is not one of the worst, but clearly not one of the best pages of concept art sketches I have created.

Concept Art Creature Sketches