Creature Design and Monster Concept Sketches

Rather than doing individual posts for each of these Creature Design sketch pages, I am putting them together in this one post. There are a couple fun characters/creatures on these 3 pages but nothing that warrants a revisit or further exploration. They will exist only as these sketches, and nothing more.

Creature Design Self Critique

I went a little crazy with the folds and skin nodules and such on this first creature design. It is also a is product of my nightly Samurai Sketch Sessions and as such is just a jumble of parts, ideas and memories of a wide variety of creatures and memorized details. The vacant eyes with the clearly angry mouth… Well it ruins the whole sketch, at least for me. Pick an emotion and follow through.

Rhinoptian Creature Design Sketch

The second page here I have taken to calling Shugly, as in She is SO Ugly! I hardly even notice the other creature on the page because of her. I guess she is more of a character than a creature design as she is human-ish. But so what, she is a warped, demented product of my evidently dark imagination, and here I thought I was a very warm and fuzzy kind of guy… Who knew?

Shugly Creature Design Sketch Creature Design Sketch Page

And then there is this third page that I actually really enjoy. The tentacle mustache fellow with his hands on his hips is a creature design or character that I might explore further. I feel there is a tremendous amount of potential for it, so why not?

All in all by the time of these sketches I feel that I was starting to have some luck creating new and interesting creature designs, and I was enjoying the process. That doesn't mean there are not nights where it feels like pulling my own teeth, but those are becoming less frequent. And the results are starting to show even more promise than the early scratches. Practice doesn't really make perfect, but it does make better.

My creature design, sketches and process is starting to feel like a strength rather than a weakness.

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