Illustration - Killer Wabbit Digital Painting

No this illustration was not created for a book cover. This is the Killer Wabbit digital painting from may of 2009 that I did just for the fun of it.

I may have spent a little to much of my youth watching Monty Python's "Quest for the Holy Grail". And it could stem from my time as a medical illustrator. But the idea of a killer rabbit is firmly placed in my brain and thus stems this digital painting.

This illustration was created entirely in Adobe Photoshop. It was not done for any particular purpose, only because I thought it was a funny image and had to get it done. And yes her motorcycle is supposed to remind you of Ghost Rider.

Illustration Process

This illustration went through many revisions thanks to all of my Portland Oregon based illustrators and their constant feedback and critique. The original sketch was far less dynamic and almost static, they kept pushing me to create a more dynamic illustration. This was very hard for me as I often have a very clear idea of the end painting before I even start, and it was hard to diverge from that image.

Looking back on it now their are many things I would do differently, and that is the benefit of hind sight, but it is an illustration that still brings a smile to my face. Rather than recreate it, I have decided to let it live as is and clean it up a little here and there.

This is also a topic I am looking to revisit, kinda. I like the pseudo cyber/goth punk girl riding a motorcycle, though the new illustration has a radically different setting. I am also going back over this painting to both up rez it and fix many of the little issue with it that have bothered me for months.

Illustration - Killer Rabbit

Next Illustration?

Since the time of creating this illustration I have created several more. There is the What's He See Illustration, and the ever popular Laundry Alien Illustration to point out two.

I would be seriously remiss if I did not point you to two of my favorite local illustration heroes Lee Moyer and his protege Adam Gillespie.