Comic Art - Killa Chick

See - I do create comic art on occasion. This drawing is based on the Meredith character that my friend Macavite created. This is not a representation of her directly, but stems from that idea. She is Merideth grown.

Merideth is the living incarnation of death. Her touch is lethal, and from the time of her birth she has had to avoid any contact. She is deeply empathetic, and tries to help those suffering end their pain. So she tends to frequent places where people tend to commit suicide. She is also fond of the macabre.

I very intentionally staged her as if from a scene from Hamlet. It just made sense to me. It is rare that I will actually create any form of comic art, which I should rectify as I enjoy the freedom to exaggerate and accentuate forms. Merideth here was really fun to draw and she just kind of happened.

Comic Art and Concept Art

In my opinion the most interesting thing in creating comic art is the idea stage, creating concepts. Character design and environments. this would be the fun part. Even the initial penciling of the pages, but mostly I would enjoy doing covers.

And here I live in one of the great Comic Art cities, Portland, with friends in most of the studios. It is not my strength, by any means, and as much as I enjoy doing these occasional drawings, it is not something I excel at.

Comic Art Killa Chick Inked