Creature Design - Kelpie the Water Dragon Sketch

This creature design I imagine this as a tiny little dragon, similar in size to a seahorse, who hides amongst the kelp to hunt. It is another product of the samurai sketch sessions and a creature that I will likely do something with, at some point in the future. Of course I often believe that.

Many of the memorized details that I use in this drawing came from pit vipers and other poisonous snakes. Though the eyes are more reminiscent of a rhino. Oddly the ears are also from a large land mammal like a rhino as well. Hmmmmm…. Given that I envision this as a very small creature it is funny that I used details from such a large animal.

Next Steps for this Creature Design

To really do anything with this creature I next need to imagine the whole creature and not just the head. With just this much to work with, well it is really up to the viewers imagination, and creature design is meant to create believability. So more sketches are needed.

once I have done sketches of the complete creature design, I would likely open up Z-Brush and get to work building a 3d version of the Kelpie. With that 3d model the world is wide open, it can be animated or just rendered with a wide variety of surface colors, detail etc. Then it becomes a matter of imagining how the creature moves and acts.

Creature Design Sketch Kelpie Water Dragon