Jousting Goblin Creature Design Sketch

This creature design is not too terribly original. I love the work of Brian Froud especially some of his work on Labyrinth. Consequently this particular sketch is based off of one of the characters from said movie. I created this drawing back in 1997 and it is fairly large, roughly 22" x 34". It is the base drawing behind the Goblin Joust Painting.

The armor design for this creature is based on Belgian Jousting armor from the early 1600's. When I did the drawing I was not terribly familiar with armor. I have since spent many hours researching armor to better develop my design work.

Creature Design Self Critique

I think it is very important to critique your own work, especially with creature design. I also think it is wise to ask for the opinion of others who are not as close to the work as you are. In the final illustration I corrected some of the errors of omission regarding the armor. Things like straps, buckles etc. I also spent some effort emphasizing elements and downplaying others. But with the creature design of the mount I should have spent more time creating a less cartoony creature. It was an opportunity to really have fun with a creature, and it is just a little oddity rather than being anything of impact. All of the effort was spent on the goblin creature design and very little on the steed. This is a missed opportunity that should be addressed. Maybe I will revisit this creature, maybe.

Goblin Joust Creature Design Sketch

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