Ippy The One Eyed Troll... Monster... Thing

This cartoon character was created for a website that, sadly, never ended up going anywhere. His name is Ippy and he was an accident that occurred while I was trying to come up with a logo icon for the website.

In this first image you see him beset by slings and arrows, ducking down behind his meager shield reaching for a sword with a defiant expression. This image was meant for the 404 error page of the site and fast became my favorite rendition of Ippy. It is surprising how difficult it is to give facial expressions to a character with only one centered eye. It took me quite a while to come up with a solution that worked for frowny eyes as this version of him has.

This second image was actually the first time I drew him out in any sort of pose, and was meant to be nothing more than a reference image of the character in a fairly neutral pose. Someone pointed out that it looked like Ippy was going to give us a hug. So it was re-purposed as the welcome to the site image once a user had decided to join the community.

Due to the fact that the site was never realized, there are only a few other images I ever did of this character, which is sad as I really enjoy his personality, and form. Who knows, maybe someday I'll incorporate him into a game or some other project.

Ippy Slings And Arrows - Toon