Icons, a Whole Slew of Them

So the site I mentioned in the Ippy Cartoon Character post had a great deal more artwork needed. And as you can see from this sheet the sites name was to be IPlayedThat. This sheet contains the majority of icons, characters and the logo that I created for the site.

So the icons can be broken up into three distinct categories

  1. Achievements - These are are then also divided into levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each of the types is given to achieving a goal, such as posting a certain number of posts. Each level was achieved at progressively higher numbers.
  2. Rank - Everything you did on the site, gave the user points. These points determined the users rank within the community.
  3. Awards - These were to be given for special events, for example being in the Beta would give the user the Marine award. The Dragons Heart was to be awarded to users who reported a bug, or suggested a feature that we decided to act upon. Enough about the purpose. It was a blast coming up with all of these tiny page elements, and making each one distinct and identifiable.

I Played That - icons