Concept Art - Hairlien Coiffure Sketch

Another concept art sketch page from my nightly samurai sketch sessions, this time a "Dune" inspired alien with quite the impressive coiffure. I might play with this character a little more,redraw it and take into photoshop for a nice work up. It feels like this concept has potential, even though these sketches are never really meant to go anywhere. Every once in a while something is created that looks fun and should be taken to the full finished concept art work it could be.

This is something I am playing with more these days, when creating a creature or character I try to over exaggerate one feature or attribute. In fact I keep trying to go too far, and what I have found is that there might not a be a too far. Even in the natural world extreme exaggeration is common. The African elephant with it's tremendously long nose and enormous ears, the giraffe with it's great height and length of neck. Anteaters, duck-billed platypus, kangaroo and swan. As you go through now extinct animals it gets even more ludicrous. So by trying to push something past what would be considered normal, you in-fact replicate the real. I know this is a weird take on the creation of Concept Art, but who said their was anything normal about me, or for that matter any concept artist?

Where Am I In My Concept Art Career?

Glad you asked, I am currently nowhere… Well other than here. My time is spent creating websites and oddly enough programming. However I have been contacted by a group that is creating a first person shooter, open source, that needs someone to create concept art, for free of course.

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