Illustration - Goblin Joust Digital Painting

This illustration has a long history. It was originally started back in 1997. I created a fairly large concept sketch, about 22" x 34". The initial sketch was heavily influenced by the creature designs of Brian Froud in the movie Labyrinth. That original drawing took many hours. But once complete, it was put into a file cabinet. There it languished.

Over the years I found myself going back and looking at this sketch many times. I really wanted to do create a fantasy illustration based on it, but it was too large to scan in and not be a huge headache.

New Illustration Tool

The initial drawing gathered dust with so many other images, until one day I decided to give Corel Painter a go. This was no small decision, I have been using Adobe Photoshop since it was called "ImagePro". Making the adjustment necessary to a new application when you have more than a decade with your current one, is rough to say the least. Putting all my trepidation aside, I decided to give Painter X a try in the creation of this illustration.

Rather than start from scratch with a new image, which I knew would not get me off to a good start, I decided it was finally time to scan the old goblin sketch in. It took scanning the image in 3 parts and then stitching it back together in, you guessed it, Photoshop.

With the digital version now "in hand" I opened up Painter and started to play with the tools. I spent a considerable amount of time grumbling over things not working like I thought they should, and brushes being too literal… However, some of the features were really compelling reasons to use Painter for illustration work. I love the palette for mixing colors, the way the brushes pick up paint from the wet canvas and many of the other ways the media mix is awesome! No other way to put it, just awesome.

The end results is an illustration I am pleased to have created. It was an experiment with a new piece of software and an old drawing that seems to have worked in the end.

Illustration - Goblin Jousting on Bird Creature

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