Frazetta Tribute

There was a Gnomon Workshop 2d challenge for the month of November 2014 with the title Frazetta. The challenge was to produce a pure fantasy painting that pays homage to the amazing work of Frank Frazetta. This image was my entry in that competition.

Frank Frazetta Tribute

I have reworked this painting several times since I submitted it for the challenge‚Ķ This is something I regularly do. I like to walk away from a painting and then revisit it again with new eyes and perspective.

I was really excited to be painting a dragon for the first time ever. I am sure another dragon painting is in my future. Obviously the major subject of the painting is the valkyrie. She was another fun subject, and one of the first mostly nude subjects I have done in quite some time. All in All it has the typical perspective I always paint from, and the next few paintings I do, need to break from, however I am happy with the image.

Frazetta tribute digital painting