Creature Design - Domestic Monster

This is one of my favorite sketches that comes out of a frequent musing… What would a monster do when not terrorizing people or destroying civilization.

Domestic Monster Creature Design

This sketch is of my domestic monster Creature Design that eventually lead to the digital painting of my Monster Doing Laundry. I was having quite a good time doing something I commonly do. Sitting down, drawing monsters and thinking about their lives outside of destroying humans and eating buildings. This Creatures design comes from one of my nightly Samurai Sketch Sessions. It is one of the first sketches tat was later painted from those endeavours.

Baseline Creature Design

Creature Design is imagining a world in which something unique might exist, and then creating that organism. I often think this way when designing a creature. "What is dinosaurs never went extinct and they developed intelligence and technology?" In the case of this creature I took a common "monster" and put it into a common situation, but an uncommon one for the creature. So in the simple definition of creature design, this is not one. It is more an image concept for the expression of comedy. Or I could just be thinking about this too much…

This creature is a unique design, in that it takes elements and forms from other creature designs and combines them in a unique way. It is in many ways "monster" distilled to it's base and anthropomorphized. I find the concept funny in itself. Place any common monster, dragon, demon or other "evil" entity in a familiar and innocuous setting… That is funny stuff.

So maybe not creature design in the true sense, but a fun process none-the-less. Also check out my other Creature Design Sketches.

Laundry Alien Creature Design