Demon Head Concept Art Sketches

Sketches, sketches and more sketches. This is another page from my nightly sketch sessions.

Page of Concept Art Sketches

This page of sketches is 2 well 3 takes on a demon head. I did not want to do the generic horns and fangs. So I decided to play with the theme a little bit. Creating a page of concept art sketches is simple, making them interesting is the hard part. I like to have a bit of a story in my head if I am going to be designing a creature. For these concept art sketches I had this going through my head: > And there amongst the fallen was a creature of darkness and flame. His features a grotesque mask of the worst in humanity. Scales and horns. Pain and anguish. His eyes burn with the inner furnace of hatred and despair.

Why Sketch?

I am not getting paid to sit here and create page after page of sketches. So why do I do it? Simply put, I enjoy the process. The more complete answer involves my desire to eventually get paid to create these things, and practice makes better. It also clears my mind after a long days work, and allows me to keep the creative juices flowing.

Sketches Self Critique

This page was from my samurai sketch sessions, it represents a trend of "heads only" concept art sketches. Which encompassed many nights of drawing. Though the face is the primary defining feature of any creature or character it is far from enough to define them. Obviously these are just quick, simple attempts to get ideas out of my head and onto the page. As such this page of concept art sketches does it's job well, even if far from complete.

on this page I actually like both of the big characters. The spiky dude reminds me of people who have taken piercing a little too far, everything in moderation‚Ķ sheesh.

As exciting as this page is I thought my you might be interested in more of my concept art sketches.

Concept Art Sketches Demon Faces