Concept Art - Creeptastic Creatures

This is a quick page of sketches I created using Alias Sketchbook Pro. I am blown away by the simplicity of use and power of the tool.

Concept Art Digital Sketches

All three of these concept art character sketches came from my experimental sessions using Alias Sketchbook Pro. I am in love with the application, and cannot wait to try it with a Intuos Cintiq tablet. It has become my preferred method for sketching in general. I wish I had a nice tablet PC or maybe an IPad, though neither is quite right for drawing… Someday Wacom will actually build a tablet that is portable and stand-alone, for now the best option seems to be the Modbook.

Alias Sketchbook allows an artist to work as if they are actually using a pencil, marker etc, intuitively. Unlike both Photoshop and Painter this tool is simple to use and takes very little time to learn. It is now my favorite digital idea-tion tool.

As to the image, the conjoined twin creature on the right is a fun little idea that might get reused in some form. Creepy and somewhat disturbing, but fun. Creating concept art should always be fun, and this group of sketches benefited from me enjoying the experience.

Concept Art Sketching

I love using digital tools, they allow for a much more rapid creation process and you never run out of ink, or have to sharpen a pencil. It is a wonderful, open and gratifying process. The down side is the lack of good hardware for the job. Taking a laptop with a Wacom tablet as a sort of sketchbook is impractical. Tablet PC's often don't have the accuracy and sensitivity while the iPad lacks the software support and a pen… I've tried the nintendo ds on with colors (an open source paint application). It was actually quite fun to use. For me though the screen was just too small. Ideally an iPad with Alias Sketchbook and a highly accurate and sensitive stylus, that is what I want, and what I had hoped the iPad was going to actually be.

I love creating these little concept art creature sketches, for now most of them are created with traditional pencil and paper, but on occasions such as these sketches I will use the digital tools and revel in their glory.

Concept Art Creature Sketches

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