Creature Concept Illustration - Monster Nest

I've owned pretty much every drawing tablet available on the market since the Koala Pad on the Commodore 64. With Wacom I first bought a Digitizer tablet, then followed along with each release of the Intuos line. I've also owned Aiptek tablets, and would never recommend them. However I have never sprung for the high cost of the Cintiq.

Recently that has changed. I picked up a brand new Cintiq 21 UX a few weeks ago, well more specifically my company picked one up for me.

It has changed my way of working, for the better.

This creature concept is just an advanced doodle. I started out using Alias Sketchbook, creating the grayscale of this image. I then moved to Adobe Photoshop to add color and "finish" the image.

The Cintiq eliminated the cognitive discontent of drawing on a table and seeing the results on the monitor. If I had known the increase in speed and the ease of use, I would have bought one years ago, it is worth it - even with the steep price tag.

Updated the image recently to give it more a bioluminescent look.

Monster Nest - Sketch - Concept Art