Clearly Creatures Concept Art Sketches

Another page of creature sketches from my nightly concept art wanderings. This is part of a long learning curve, as I teach myself to decrease my need for reference material.

Concept Art - Creature Sketches

For all future concept art sketch pages I will also be adding them to the my sketchbook thread over at Concept Art .org. It is another venue to show people the concept art sketches I create on a regular basis and obviously that is never a bad thing.

Pages like this one come from my nightly _concept art _sketching sessions, where I try very hard not to have any concept of the creatures I will be drawing, at least not from the beginning. Once a sketch is in progress then I definitely need to have an idea of where it is going. My goal is to eliminate a need for reference in the sketching and idea-tion stage, and to allow my mind to flow more creatively. I would hate for any of my concept art to look exactly like someone else's work, trying to create unique concepts is the whole idea, after all.

Concept Art Process

I am teaching myself to do concept art, and as such I need a process to get the best results from myself. My process for creating concept art is stolen directly from my time in architecture school. I will start with these types of sketches. This just allows the mind to freely roam around and take bits and pieces of observed reality and throw it all into something new. These sketches are not meant to in any way be related to the actual concept art product, they are just a way of warming up.

The next step, for me at least, is to start finding references for the style, topic, theme etc, related to the concept art I am to create. It might be a series of costume images, or texture, or colors, animal photos, what-ever it takes to understand the design direction of the project.

With all of this reference material around I start to play with silhouettes. sharpie or digital it does not matter, just create interesting shapes. These small dark blobs will then be blown up, and detail added. More than likely I will do this in Alias Sketchbook, as I like the interface for rapid drawing, sketching etc. Many copies of each cool silhouette with nothing more than black and white added to give a sens of the details.

Then of course it is time to blow up these now gray-scale concept art thumbnails and play with color, adding smaller details etc. Refine and define further.

There are many directions the concept art can go from this point, in many cases I would imagine the character, environment, creature or prop is done, but why stop with that? I like to create finished paintings, so might as well play with this new concept in a finished piece…

Concept Art Creature SketchesA page of concept art creature sketches. I don't like to leave space on the page in my sketchbooks. It also helps in the creative process to use existing shapes to let your mind fill in the voids. Some of my pages adhere to this filling the voids mentality more than others. This is clearly one.

Some Great Concept Art Resources All around the biggest resource for the wanna be concept artist.

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