Black Unicorn

I had originally added this unicorn to the frazetta tribute painting. After revisiting that image, and removing it, I decided that I loved the unicorn and wanted to do a painting just for it. The rock face on the left at one point had goblins crawling all over it, but that was simply too much, and I liked just having the fear be from something less concrete.

Black Unicorn

While working on a tribute painting for Frank Frazetta, I painted this unicorn… In the end he didn't belong in that other work of art. I was far too fond of the expression on his face, and how well I represented the equis form, so I chose to create a new painting based from it.

Why is the Unicorn black, when typically they are represented white? I am not trying to make any form of statement with the choice of color, I just wanted to paint a black horse, and since it was fantasy inspired it became a unicorn.

Frazetta tribute digital painting