Creature Design - Bio-luminescent Tunnel Digger

These sketches were done as part of my entry for the Creature of the Week 100, in which I designed 100 unique creatures over the period of a month.

Bio-Luminescent Tunnel Digger Creature Design runs several community competitions every week. My favorite is the creature design of the week competition. on the hundredth week they did the COW (Creature of the Week) 100 competition where artists had 1 month to create 100 creatures designs. We were given 20 categories to choose ten from and then draw 10 for each of those categories.

One of the ten creature design categories I chose was Bio-luminescent Tunnel Digger. Three of the four critters on this page are for that category. Looking back I was drawing creatures that either should have been in a liquid medium or flying through the air, not diggers.

Creature Design Sketching

I am very fond of the last creature design sketch on this page. Because of the high number of creatures to create and the short time frame for me, at least (I was working full time elsewhere, and only worked on the 100 creatures for 2 weeks), I only did sketches of each of the creatures and then did a QUICK paint up in photoshop. So many things I would change in that process these days, in that sense this competition was well worth the effort.

Bio Luminescent Tunnel Digger Creature Design